Adobe Flash Builder 4 beta 2 and Flash CS5

Flash Builder 4

I’ve been using Flash Builder 4 beta for a couple of months now and for the most part have been quite pleased. FB is the follow up to Flex 3. Adobe states that the name change is to help distinguish between the open-source Flex framework and their commercial IDE. Makes sense, but personally I like the name packaged with the initial beta release – ‘Gumbo’!

So anyways, the license on my copy of Flash Builder mysteriously stopped working yesterday. After a brief panic attack I decided to check out the Adobe Labs website and noticed that the beta 2 release was out. Cool! As with beta 1, my Flex 3 license is supposed to provide me with a new working FB copy – however, licensing software is one of my least favorite things to do so I’ll get back to that after the weekend. The renewed 60 day trial will suffice for now.

Flash CS5

Since I was in this ‘update’ state of mind I decided to peruse my usual avenues and came across some info concerning the CS5 Suite. My initial reaction was, “Oh God, not another one already..“. I still haven’t gotten used to the CS4 interface, and at my office I’m still using CS3. I’m also quite afraid of Adobe turning into another Autodesk. I have to admit though – as far as Flash goes, there is A LOT of cool stuff going on.

For starters, Flash CS5 ‘Viper‘:

and my favorite:

  • integrates between Flash Builder and Flash Professional

CS5 is set to release in April of 2010. I didn’t really spend a lot of time looking at the other aspects of the Suite, but one of the best resources for info I found is If there’s anything cool I missed be sure to let me know!


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