About Me

Hi! My name is Ben Silvis. I’m a University of Central Florida alumni with a BA in Digital Media. I currently reside in the crazy little art town of Bisbee, AZ where I work on contracted projects, Android apps, and several games.  Over my past 10 years in the field I’ve had the opportunity to work on all kinds of stuff – including mixed reality, mo-cap, and networking, in a plethora of platforms/engines built on Ogre, XNA, iOS, AIR, Unreal, and Unity3D. The nature of the work has found me collaborating closely with schools, military facilities, science museums, ad agencies, and the web on permanent installations, ad campaigns, and research projects.

In my spare time I like growing food, being involved in my community, cooking, teaching, and living sustainably. I also really enjoy music and doing outdoorsy things. I love staying active and healthy, being creative, and working with others!